Cancer has taken so many of our precious greyhounds from us.  Each and every on of them is
important to us.  

Our fight against cancer is in all of their memories.

Miss Nellie was the first greyhound I introduced on the Inspiring Stories page when Hope for Hounds
was started. She captivated our hearts and took a piece of it with her. Miss Nellie brought people
together to fight a common cause and we will continue that fight in her honour.  

I had great difficulty removing Miss Nellie from the Inspiring Stories page.  For the longest time, I had
the sensation of being pushed to do it.  I imagine that was Nellie telling me it was time, that there are
others who will inspire, that she has another role to play in this fight against cancer.
I believe that she will be looking over our shoulders, guiding us, while we work to raise money to fight  
this ugly disease.

Our Guardian Angel, Miss Nellie, had a fund raising auction in her name.   Thanks to some wonderful
people on Grey Talk we had over 130 items donated and raised over $9,000.00.  

We will continue to celebrate and honor her life and all of the wonderful hounds gone from our lives but
never, ever forgotten.  Their, strength, their courage is what keeps me going.  The next Miss Nellie
Auction will be held in October 2015.  

Janet Shaffer  
Founder - Hope for Hounds
Always Remembered

Miss Nellie
C Ya Dime Dancer
December 10, 1997 - April 8, 2006

Hope for Hounds Guardian Angel
April 8, 2006

It is with our very sad, hurting hearts that Brian and I have to tell you that we helped Miss Nellie to
the bridge this morning  This was the most difficult thing that we have ever had to do, but is was
best for her. I can't stop crying. Her little body was tired and hurting, she could not walk, could not
stand up on her own...she was no longer living her life the way she wanted to and she was very
depressed. She went peacefully, wrapped in her Circle of Grey healing blanket.

Bless you sweet Miss are now running pain free with 4 legs! You will be missed and
loved forever and ever! You have touched so many lives in your short time here on earth and I
know you will continue to! Now you can play and run and climb stairs again!

Thank you, everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all of your prayers, support and most of all
caring ... you have been there with us through this difficult time.  I don't know how we could ever
give back what you have given to us.

We will keep fighting for you, Miss Nellie...someday, there will be a cure for Osteosarcoma and   
no one will ever have to go through what we have had to and no hound will ever have to suffer

Suzie and Brian Collins
C Ya Dime Dancer - "Miss" Nellie"

It's so hard saying goodbye and it hurts so bad...but I know we will see you again...we love
you, Miss Nellie!

If ever there was a greyhound who made a difference Nellie was that greyhound. She became a
spokesperson for all of us who live in fear of this horrible disease. We all rode the highs, we all hit
the lows.  Through it all, we all thought about Osteo and what it does to those we hold dear to our
hearts. And it got a face. It was a gorgeous little brindle face that was brave, intelligent, loving, and
oh so loved back.  The face of Osteo got prettier but the results just got so much uglier.
As a community, I know that we will all grieve Miss Nellie for a long time to come, but we will also
come together now to fight this disease with every weapon that we have. For now, the most
important weapon is money. There is a lot of money needed so the study can continue with
renewed vigor. We lost Miss Nellie but we have not lost the war.  

Trish Dumais

Miss Nellie, your new life as a guardian angel begins today. Thank you for inspiring all of us. We'll
work very hard to find a cure for the disease that took you too soon. Run free, brave girl, watch
over your family until they can see you again.

Grey Talk Member

My boys first met Miss Nellie when Profile tried to introduce himself to her at Mountain Hounds.
She told him in no uncertain terms to back off!   Her spirit was contagious, and all of us who
followed Susan and Brian's path with her have been forever changed. This horrible disease has
many faces, Miss Nellie's beautiful one being the most prominent in our minds right now. Thank
you, Susan and Brian, for sharing her with us. She will NEVER be forgotten, and I hope she has
motivated all of us even more to work toward a cure.

I just hope that they have lasagna at the Bridge.

With all our love,
Nan, Hunky, Jeany, and Profile, Miss Nellie's biggest fan.

Nellie, I only got to spend one weekend with you, but I remember every minute of it. Your mommy
promised me I'd see you again, when I cried as we pulled out of the driveway. And I will, little angel.
I'll see you again one day, and we'll play and cuddle again. Run with all four legs now without pain.

You'll be in my heart always.
Trish Olsen