Bosha was diagnosed with osteo in Oct of 2005. He had an amputation and chemo, then  
lived his life as an ordinary greyhound, eating, sleeping and running. Bosha visited a  
children's cancer camp during the summer and gave hope to many children suffering from

Bosha will always remain one of my biggest heroes. He fought the evil monster back and
won. He helped give Dr Couto and his team at OSU some statistics, but most of all he gave
them, and all of us, so much hope.

Bosha left for the bridge on June 17, 2009 3 years, 8 months after diagnosis.  He truly was a
Dr Couto and Bosha on one of his post
treatment visits.
I know that Maggie Mae wanted to tell everyone “thanks” for supporting such a wonderful and special
and important cause!

Cancer is evil and it is important that we raise money for research so this awful disease can be
eradicated.  Maggie Mae came into her Mom and Dad’s life at a time when they needed her most.They
had just lost their beloved Miss Nellie to bone cancer and she was chosen to be the one to help their
hearts heal. While she did her job and did it well, she also was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma too.
She was diagnosed in November, 2008, and had her rear left leg amputated on November 12th. She
was very ill right after her amputation and when she started the chemotherapy, but quickly turned a
corner when the chemo drug protocol was worked out.  When her Mom and Dad saw how happy she
was to be alive and was able to go for walks again, plus enjoy all of the things she did before cancer,
they knew that the decision they made was right.

Maggie Mae continued to live every day as if it were her last, and made wonderful memories with her  
fur siblings and Mom and Dad. After all, cancer may be able to take her body but it could not take her
soul and it could not take away the memories that were made.

Maggie Mae fought like a warrior.  She crossed the Rainbow Bridge 5 years cancer free.

I know Miss Nellie and Maggie Mae are both smiling down on all of you.
Maggie Mae

May 18, 2002 - January 11, 2014